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About the Artist

Jackie Boberg's paintings celebrate the visual textures of everyday life: the reflection of a window in a teapot, the soft harmony of oranges and bananas in a bowl, smooth blue glass against the warm depth of sunshine on a wooden table. In these images, the long legacy of still life painting takes on a contemporary view.

Jackie has been consistently drawn to watercolor because of its fluidity, transparency, and luminosity. With the use of only transparent pigments and a limited palette, a scene on a dining room table can be transformed from "leftovers" into a magic interplay of elements, all competing for attention. "I have always been captivated by reflections and the drama of highlights and shadows. Over the years I have become increasingly aware of how easy it is, in our busy lives, to let our eyes skip over a dancing reflection on our kitchen counter or the incredible sunset over the sky during a high school football game. My goal in painting is to capture those transient moments in our daily lives and bring focus to them by increasing the scale of the objects or adding intensity through close cropping. While the objects themselves are not necessarily central to the painting, I strive to make the forms resonate."

"While still very much involved with watercolor and committed to continued work in this medium, I am also working with pastels in order to adopt a looser, more textural style of painting. My goal is to pursue a different form of composition than my watercolors, most likely in landscape and portraits as subject matter while maintaining my focus on highlight and shadow."

In the course of a twenty-year career in high-tech, Jackie often carved out spurts of time to immerse herself in drawing and painting. Finally, in 1998, she left her Silicon Valley job behind and began to paint in earnest.

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